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Parties that call for custom matches and other customization

You’re about to throw the craziest party of the century. No, you’re about to host a Communion party. No, it’s your girlfriend’s 30th birthday and you’re having a small get together at your house. I really don’t know what you’re planning and I could keep on guessing ad nauseam. I do, however, have a decent amount of party planning experience, ranging from high end galas to children’s birthday parties. With my knowledge, I’d like to help those of you who aren’t sure if certain customization is called for a particular party. Here are two parties I’ve been to, or hosted, lately that received the right amount of customization.

No budget/Sky’s the limit party

This is less a particular type of party,, but I’m a firm believer that if there is no budget and you have the time and energy to make anything happen, go all out! Customize everything and anything you can. In this situation, especially if you’re party is at home, I would make custom drink coasters to protect your furniture while entertaining your guests with even the smallest details. I was at part once where every single coaster had a different message (like fortune cookies) and we the guests spent hours trading the until we found the one that best represent us. I ended up with a small bag full of some of my favorite quotes that I keep in my dresser.

Older man’s birthday party

I want to highlight this type of party in particular because it doesn’t receive, in my opinion, enough love and care in the creation and implementation process. What usually happens is that the wife, girlfriend, children, or grandchildren are often left with little feedback from the birthday boy who would rather not make “such a big fuss” over “another year” of his life. It’s important to push past his wall of disinterest and focus on his hobbies and dreams. This doesn’t mean spending a ton of money and energy. Rather, keep things simple but find that one particular customization that’s going to make him shed a tear. I was planning a birthday party for my grandfather’s 75th not too long ago. With no feedback from him, I decided to make custom matchboxes because he and his friends are avid cigar smokers. On the matchboxes was a quote that he’s been living by his entire life, one he forgot that he used to tell us (his grandkids) when we were younger. When he asked for matches that night, I handed him one of the custom match books. He cried. That little bit of customization went a long way.

The themes and occasions in regards to types of parties are just as endless as the options to customize the parties are. It usually boils down to cost and occasion when coming up with customizable options, which range from the entertainment itself down to personalized drink coasters. Sometimes it takes a professional to figure out the right mix to make your next party stand out in peoples’ memories. Stay tuned for more posts from me in the future as I discuss parties, customizations, and occasions!