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Accentuating a New Life with Window Drapes and Shades

Two years ago I married my college sweetheart after five years of maintaining a long distance relationship. And so it was a joyous occasion because finally we can be together all the time. His work in IT has taken to different countries, wherever the work takes him. The trade off on my part is giving up a career in advertising and become a trailing spouse. Being young and adventurous spirits, we looked forward to the adventure of seeing the world. And true enough, the experience is extra-ordinary because we got to learn a new culture, meet new friends, taste and enjoy a new cuisine, and see the sights on our days off.  But there were challenges too which alternated between funny ‘interesting’ and funny ha-ha.

Window Drapes

Window Shades

The realities of living in a different country sunk in within our first two months in Dubai. The employment process was quite complicated that by the third month, we accepted the fact that I will have to be a stay-at-home wife because it was just too risky to be working without the proper papers. A year and a half in our stay in Dubai, we moved to Germany, where I fell in love with everything European; the culture, the arts, the food, the place, and the people. After two years, we moved to the US, to Texas. After a year, it looked like the work of the husband will require us to stay here longer. After three years of moving from one place to another, this development was a welcome change.

Although I know our stay is temporary, still it’s a chance for us to settle in a place and not feel like we have to live out of suitcase. We found a nice small place, with really nice windows and a wide space for the living room area and the kitchen. I learned to style a place because of my experience in advertising. I had the walls repainted and indulged in getting a nice red couch for the living room. I can’t do much with the design of the place but I can give it a lift and make it our own. I closed my eyes on the cost and got myself some custom drapes that were made of silk in a creamy combination of off-white trimmed in olive green. I got my fabric from Fabrics and More where they have a great collection of fabrics to choose from.

I was debating between getting window drapes and window blinds or window shades, but in the end opted for the drapes because I wanted something more homey and soft, and more me. I cannot work because it’s too complicated to get a work visa. I might as well make the home my special place. To keep me company, we decided to foster rescued dogs while they are waiting for someone to give them a forever home. I love how the sun streams through the windows in the morning while I enjoy a cup of coffee before I take the dog to the dog park for a walk. I have started to write of my experience as a trailing spouse  and it is indeed a different kind of life that only those who have lived it will understand and appreciate.