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Bathroom renovations should be done every few years. most people think of home renovation projects, they think of something that you do one time and then the work is done. This is true for most such projects. When you tackle a massive kitchen remodeling job, you do so with the thought that you won’t remodel your kitchen ever again. Once you’ve ripped up the tiles and replaced them, replaced all of the appliances, knocked down a wall, put a new sink in and whatever else you want to do to your kitchen, the work is done. For the next however many years you simply get to enjoy the benefits of your hard work and money. The same goes for most of the other major home renovation projects, such as making your bedroom bigger or turning your garage into a ‘man cave.’ Once you’ve finished your unfinished basement, the work is done and your home is complete.

However, when you take on bathroom renovations, you should do so knowing that your renovations will only be great for a few years. This isn’t to say that companies who do bathroom renovations aren’t great at their jobs, or that your bathroom will become unusable after a few years. Many people who renovate their bathrooms do such a great job that they never have to renovate them again, even decades later. This is certainly the experience that many people have when they work with Marrokal Design and Remodeling.

However, a huge portion of people don’t have such an experience, and they quickly realize that much of the work they have done has deteriorated just a few years later. The main reason why this occurs is that bathrooms see a great deal more use than other portions of the home. When you take a shower, steam builds up in the bathroom. If you learned anything from your high school geology classes, then you learned that water does a great deal of damage. Just remember that flowing rivers are what has caused the vast majority of the canyons on the earth’s surface. The condensation that results every time you take a shower does damage to the rest of your bathroom. It causes the paint on the walls to run, the tiles on the floor to build up mildew, and the bathtub in the shower area to see damage. Over a long period of time the water that builds up in your bathroom from taking showers will force you to replace some of the items in it.

It’s not just the humidity from the showers you take that do damage to the rest of your bathroom. It’s also each time that you wash your face in the sink or brush your teeth, or each time that you use your toilet. The truth of the matter is that your bathroom sees so much more use than the rest of your home that you’ll likely want to replace aspects of it more frequently. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to take on renovation projects of the same scale each time, only that you might need to replace specific items on a semi-frequent basis.

5 reasons for a bathroom renovation

Remodeling a bathroom or any part of your home can bring a welcome change into your life and can really make your home feel new. If you are looking for a change or to increase the value of your home, a bathroom renovation can be a great first step. Many people start their days in the bathroom: showering, putting on makeup, getting dressed- having a nice space to get ready for your morning can be a great way to change your routing. Bathroom renovations can be quick and simple of completely encompassing. For example, a simple way to make a change to your bathroom is to re-tile it.  Other people undergo full renovations which involve new appliances, redoing the shower, and new counter tops. The amount you do will have to do with your budget and your desires. Here are 5 great reasons to consider a bathroom renovation:

1) Increase the value of your home: For people who are looking to increase their homes value for either quick or future resale should start with a bathroom renovation. When people walk into your home and you have a breathable and relaxing bathroom, it will appeal to them. There are also studies that show that people get a great return on investment when they put money into remodeling their home. Buyers appreciate modern and well thought out homes, and a renovation will allow you to achieve just that.

2) To fix any problems that exist: If you have any broken appliances in your bathroom, it may be a sign that it is time for a bathroom renovation. For example, if you have a leaking sink which will need to be replaced, you might as well replace it with something which will make your bathroom nicer- and while you’re at it, make some other changes as well.

3) You want to increase the size of your bathroom: Many older homes are built with small bathrooms, which doesn’t meet the needs of many families today. A great reason to remodel your bathroom is to expand its size. You can add in additional storage, more space to move around, extra counter space to accommodate all of the members of your family, and a nice large shower.

4) Making the bathroom a place where you can escape: A relaxing soak in a nice, new bathtub is one of the best ways to de-stress and relax. Make your bathroom your personal sanctuary through a renovation.

5) To change things up in your home: Some people undergo a home renovation because they simply want some change. This type of renovation project could be as simple as repainting or getting a new type of blind or color of shutter, and as complex as knocking down walls and redoing an entire part of a house. No matter what the size of the project, any change to your house will bring a welcome feeling of something fresh and new.