A major cannabis research and dispensary center, has just released information on the products which they will be putting out in 2017, and cannabis users are very excited about the new items which will soon be hitting the shelf. There are over two hundred new products coming out this year, and some of them are not just innovations of older products, but entirely new ones. In this article we are going to review some of the most talked about items which will be arriving soon to cannabis shops across the nation.

The new line of cannabis edibles is what has marijuana lovers the most excited this year. While cannabis extracts have been sold in edible forms for some years now, there has never been such a wide array of different cannabis treats as can be found today. Some of the items which will sure to be huge hits with cannabis consumers are a new line of cannabis energy drinks. Energy drinks have been a popular way for tired Americans to make it the extra mile for years now, but now energy drink come with cannabis extracts to give that boost of energy an little something extra. Cannabis energy drinks come in all flavors, including diet flavors for those people out there watching their calories, and the drinks cost about the same as other energy drinks on the market today. The TCH is the marijuana beverages has been created specifically to give the consumer a clean, crisp high which helps stimulate the mind as the added caffeine and vitamins invigorate the body. Stores all across the nation have been ordering as many of the new cannabis energy drinks as they can get their hand son, but there may be more demand than product at first, so some people will have to wait till the beverage maker ramps up its production in order to get a chance to try the cannabis energy treat.

Cannabis concentrates are being made in the form of teas now. A whole line of cannabis teas is set to be launched this year which might change the way people drink teat forever. The marijuana tea comes in all the traditional flavors of normal tea and each one is designed to target different experiences. There are cannabis teas which are targeted to people that have problems drinking, which include other relaxing substances such as mint and chamomile. There are other teas which have chi and green tea mixtures that are aimed at getting people up and started in the morning. Anyone that loves tea and also loves cannabis is going to flip when these new marijuana and tea infusions hit the shelf.

Finally, a new cannabis patch is coming out this year which is exciting because it allows for a steady stream of THC to enter the body throughout the day. The cannabis patch was designed for recreational use, but medical research labs are already busy testing the patch to see if it could help people who suffer from chronic back pain, and other ailments.

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