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How to convince your significant other to join a 24 hour gym with you

24 hour gym

Are your fitness goals and ideals no longer aligning with your significant other? Perhaps you made a New Year’s resolution or other type of commitment to get in shape this year and initially, your significant other was very supportive and interested in joining you, but suddenly, they are making excuse after excuse. This is common, especially as the thrill of the New Year wears off and January turns to February. In fact, statistics show that the majority of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February. While this statistic can be a bit disheartening, all is not lost! In fact, there a few ways you can motivate your significant other to recommit to your goals and join a 24 hour gym with you.

An important thing to remember as you talk to your significant other is that no one likes to be scolded or shamed. You must approach them with positivity and let them know that you have their best interests at heart. If you are accusatory when you talk to them, they will likely shut down and have an even more negative feeling about starting (or continuing) a fitness journey.

Here are a few tips for talking to your significant other about fitness.

  • If they are worried about price, let them know that there are lots of options for low-cost gyms that are still well-equipped. Franchises like Fitness 4 Less offer all the equipment you need for manageable prices.
  • If they are unsure about how they can fit fitness into their schedule, remind them that the 24 hour gym options available mean they can find a time in the day that works for them, even if it feels like a “weird” time for other people. Offer to go with them at a time of their choosing so you can feel out the new space together.
  • If they are at a loss for how to start a fitness program that works for them, tell them you will help them find a personal trainer who can help them achieve their fitness goals.
  • If they feel like it’s too late to start a program, make sure you let them know that you are in their corner and that you struggle with motivation too. If your partner feels like you look down on them, they may feel intimidated by you. Be honest with them about your own struggles as well, as it will keep you on even playing fields and keep the lines of communication open.
  • Be a cheerleader! When you feel like your partner is struggling, lift them up with positive motivation, affection and support. If you do this for your partner, they will likely pick up this behavior and do the same for you if they feel like you are struggling.

Overall, you will face challenges as you begin a fitness journey together, but being there for each other for support and to hold one another accountable will not only help you to achieve your fitness goals, but will ultimately improve your relationship as well.


Roofing issues can cause water hazards

A significant risk factor to your house (and to your family) can be avoided easily by making sure that your roof and gutters are maintained properly.  The risk of which I am speaking is having standing water along the base of your house’s walls.  Standing water, left for too long without being taken care of, can cause irreparable damage to the foundation of a building.  Not only that, but pools of water are the natural breeding grounds of innumerable bacteria and parasitic insects such as mosquitos.  In many areas of the United States, mosquitos are known to carry such debilitating – and even fatal –diseases as the West Nile virus, amongst others.  However, ensuring proper drainage and protecting your home and family are easy to do if you follow the proper steps.

The most common source of improper drainage woes is the fact that the gutters on houses are neither cleaned nor repaired properly by their owners.  As any professional roofer could tell you, gutters need to be cleaned at least annually and inspected regularly for leaks, stoppages, and damage.  At the very least, a gutter that remains clogged can cause significant damage to both the roof and walls of your house.  On top of causing a need for roof repair, those blocked gutters make it so that rain water does not flow correctly through the downspouts and off to where it is supposed to be drained.  This often leads to water collecting at the base of a house’s walls, where it sits and soaks into the ground.  Over time, that extra water will eat away at the cement or concrete in the walls of the foundation of the house.  The damage – or disaster – that the weakening of a house’s foundations can cause is incalculable.

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As I said above, the pooling water is also a breeding ground for disease and sickness.  Just like a swamp, standing water in our yards allows for microbes and bacteria to breed in the conditions that they favor.  Illnesses that can be fatal – like the above mentioned West Nile virus or amoebic dysentery – are caused by microscopic life that infests water that stands without flowing – just like the pools of water that sit at the base of a dysfunctional downspout.  Imagine if your dog were to drink from a pool full of bacteria like that – or even worse, your or a neighbor’s child.

The simplest remedy for having water pool up around your house is to make sure that all of the gutters and drains are clear and functioning.  It is a simple task for most roofers to check and adjust the alignment of your drains while they are doing work on your house, and a roofing contractor could be hired if you notice drain damage before you need to have any roofing done.  This isn’t to say that all drainage problems are roofing related – it is still possible that you need to have some of your property re-graded.   However, keeping track of how well your gutters are working is an excellent first step.