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How fulfillment centers us label magnets to help with organization

magnetic strips

Warehouses are an overwhelming structure. Those who have been inside one knows they can be massive and positively filled to the brim with items. This is especially true for places that stock a lot of inventory like restaurant supply stores, grocery store warehouses and fulfillment centers. Over the course of the last few years, the online shopping community has increased to a fever pitch. More and more people choose to buy their goods online rather than venture out to physical brick and mortar stores to buy them. As online orders increase, so do the size of fulfilment warehouse needed to fill them. Inventory must also remain high and perhaps even overly stocked at all times to compensate for demand. This is especially true around Christmas, when online orders, especially rush orders placed at the last minute, are at an all time high.

So how are warehouses keeping everything organized and moving efficiently and effectively? It is certainly not an easy task and it takes quite a lot of extra planning and preparation, but many warehouses have found that label magnets have helped their setups become not only more organized, but less stressful as well. There are few things more stressful that frantically rushing around, not being able to find what you are looking for. With effective organization systems, this feeling becomes a thing of the past. In fact, many fulfilment centers that have started to use magnetic strips to identify products and their place on a shelf have said it has considerably increased employee efficiency.

In order to make this work well, magnetic labels need to be made for all available products that exist in a fulfilment center. Then, they can be placed on various shelves and grouped in ways that make sense. They can even be segmented down into smaller groups like size, color and more.

Magnetic labels are also easy to move around and rearrange should an organizational system need to be altered or if new products come in. This is particularly helpful with alphabetized items because it simply requires sliding a magnetic label over to make room for another one.

Because of the fact that humans are still running fulfilment centers and warehouses, it is crucially important that everything be neat and orderly and easy to find. Technology and technological advances are becoming a big part of organizational advancements, but the human element still exists meaning systems need to cater to the people who work in these places. Easy ways to find merchandise are important for workers, who often spend hours on their feet in warehouses packing boxes and pulling online orders for fulfillment.

With more efficient organizational systems such as the use of magnetic labels for inventory, workers are less stressed and more efficient, meaning the work environment is more pleasant. A better work environment benefits employees and management alike, not to mention the company overall. When a company is functioning well, it makes the consumer happier too, which amounts to a win for everyone involved.

Top 5 engagement ring styles

Denver jeweler

An engagement ring is not just an engagement ring. Each ring is an individualized expression of love and commitment from one person to another. There are numerous different styles of rings, all of which have a different personality, meaning and overall look and feel. Rings of different styles can portray very different vibes, which is important to consider before buying a ring for someone. It is also important to have a good understanding of the styles of engagement rings available so that a Denver jeweler can have a short list of  what a potential buyer might be interested in looking at in more detail. Here are just a few styles that are popular among those purchasing engagement rings:

  • Classic solitaire ring- One of the most classic, simple and elegant styles, the classic solitaire ring is a single diamond housed on a sleek, simple band. It does not compete with other jewelry and does much to truly highlight the brilliance and cut of the loose diamond one has picked for the stone.
  • Rings with side stones- A similar look to the classic solitaire ring, an engagement ring with side stones displays a large center stone, with smaller diamonds surrounding the band, rather than a plain band. This type of ring is a little bit flashier, but still simple and elegant.
  • Three stone rings- This ring generally has one large stone flanked on either side by two smaller stones. Many have said that this type of rings represent the past, present and future of a relationship, which is a lovely analogy for commitment and everlasting love.
  • Halo ring- A halo ring features a large center stone that is completely encircled by smaller stones, as if surrounded by a halo. This type of ring is very brilliant and can add a bit of weight to a smaller center diamond. Halo rings also have a vintage feel and can be placed on a plain band or side stone band as well.
  • Bridal set- A bridal set ring is the combination of an engagement ring with a wedding band. This eliminates the need to wear two rings but still gives the look of two rings at much more convenience. The band and engagement ring are highly coordinated in this style, giving a seamless look to the ring.
  • Custom engagement ring- If pieces and parts of each type of ring listed above are appealing to a ring buyer, their best best is to look into getting a custom engagement ring. This way, it allows them to mix and match features that they like or that they perceive their future fiance will like. This also ensures that the ring is unique and that there is no chance anyone else will have the same ring, which could be embarrassing for both parties.

With so many styles of rings to choose from, anyone looking to buy a ring is sure to find something beautiful that is in their price range and make their future fiance feel special. Rings are to be worn for life, so it is important to be knowledgeable when buying one so as to make sure that the right decision is made for the buyer and wearer alike.

Colorado Succeeds in these industries

Colorado Succeeds

Numerous polls and studies show that Colorado is one of the best states to live and work in. Over the last few years, Colorado has seen huge numbers of people move into the state from all over the country for business reasons, health reasons, leisure reasons and education reasons. Business leaders in Colorado know that the state, and its capitol city, Denver, are at the forefront of industry leadership and innovation, which is why so many business leaders are opting to make Denver their headquarters. There are many industries when Colorado is particularly good at leading the charge. Here are a few of the places where Colorado Succeeds:

  • Health and recreation- Colorado is often named one of the top states in the country for overall health. It is one of the fittest states and the healthiest, likely because of numerous opportunities for outdoor activity, clean air and generally favorable seasons. Coloradans are known to do a lot of hiking, biking, running, skiing, snowboarding and more, all which contribute to the revenue and tourism of the state while also keeping residents fit and happy. Health and wellness brands also do extremely well in Colorado including gyms, yoga studios, outdoor equipment stores, and concepts focused on runners or cyclers.
  • Education- Numerous studies have shown that Colorado ranks as one of the most educated states in the country, with a large percentage of college educated Coloradan’s who hold a bachelor’s degree. Recent statistics also show that more high school students than ever have enrolled in college courses to work towards college credit. In a state that prioritizes education so much, education leaders have their work cut out for them to continue improving and to make sure Colorado keeps its standing as one of the nationwide leaders. In addition, with so many people prioritizing their education in Colorado and very few people moving out of the state, it ensures a smart and capable workforce for the foreseeable future.
  • Aerospace- Over the last half a century, Colorado has solidified itself as one of the top places for aerospace work, quickly becoming the second biggest aerospace economy in the United States. Colorado has several aerospace companies who are leaders in space exploration and travel as well as development. Companies like Ball, Lockheed Martin and Sierra Nevada Corporation are proud to work in Colorado towards a bright aerospace future. The numerous universities and well known research laboratories such as NREL and CO-Labs help to keep Colorado at the forefront of space exploration, research and development.

Colorado is rapidly becoming an important hub of business and industry in the United States. Businesses are flocking to the Centennial State in the Rocky Mountains to develop successful businesses, recruit excellent candidates and continue to drive the country forward in numerous different industries. Colorado is proud to be an epicenter for this kind of growth and development and will continue to prioritize the health and success of its residents, businesses, students and industries in order to make sure the state continues ranking high on lists and providing excellent quality of life to all who choose to call it home.

Top 5 things to look for in a lasik eye surgery specialist

lasik eye surgery

Any kind of medical procedure can be nerve wracking and stressful. If you have ever had to undergo any kind of medical procedure such as a surgery, you know that a fear of the unknown is always a little scary. For many, it is the thought of medical instruments that frightens them, while others are worried about anesthesia or how their body will react during the procedure. Some procedures, however, are much easier and have improved greatly throughout the years. One such procedure is lasik surgery, which only a few decades ago was considered a risky and difficult procedure. Now, however, the procedure takes only about a half an hour, is painless and has a heal time of a day or less. Despite how easy this procedure has become, though, it is still a good idea to work with a specialist you trust. As with any kind of medical procedure, it is particularly important to work with a specialist who is highly trained and professional. Here are some of the things you should look for when seeking a lasik eye surgery specialist.

  1. A clean office and facility- Make a visit to the office prior to scheduling a surgery and make sure that it is immaculate. As with any medical facility, cleanliness is the most important thing because it reduces the risk of complications and infections during or after a procedure. A clean facility is a legitimate facility and generally shows that the staff cares a great deal about the health and well being of their patients.
  2. Good reviews online- Because procedures like lasik and cataract surgery are becoming more and more common, you will have an easier time finding reviews on the facilities you are looking at. If a facility has poor reviews and sites complications, unprofessional staff or lack of cleanliness, it is best to keep looking for another facility with good reviews and good results for the patients it serves.
  3. A specialist with a lot of experience- Usually you will be able to find this information on the website, but if not, ask your doctor how long they have been performing the procedure. The more years they have under their belt, the more likely your surgery will be smooth and free of any complications.
  4. A specialist who gives you clear expectation- Anyone performing lasik eye surgery knows that patients can often be very nervous. The best thing your ophthalmologist can do for you is make sure you fully understand the procedure and are able to ask questions. Your comfort during the procedure both physically and mentally is of utmost importance.
  5. Clear pricing structure- It is important for you to find a specialist who provides you with very clear pricing structure. Whether you are looking to go through insurance or pay completely out of pocket, the costs should make sense to you and be explained clearly by the doctor and staff.

By following some of these tips above, you will ensure you have a successful surgery with a qualified specialist who cares about your vision and your quality of life.

Top 6 exercises you can do while wearing a baby carrier

baby wrap

One of the big priorities for new moms, besides taking care of their new bundle of joy, of course, is getting their pre-baby body back. It is common for women to gain 20 or more pounds during pregnancy. This is natural and healthy because the baby relies on nutrients from the mother to grow and develop in the womb. Once the baby is born, however, the mother will likely want to rid herself of the extra weight since she no longer needs to eat for two. An easy way to still be able to work out while caring for your baby is through the use of a baby carrier. A baby carrier uses soft, stretchy cloth to secure the baby to the mother while leaving her hands and arms free. With the baby secure to the mother’s body, the mother is free to move around with a considerable amount of freedom, certainly much more than if she were just carrying the baby in her arms. Here are a few exercise that will work while utilizing a baby wrap.

  1. Squats- Squats are an easy exercise that can even be done while baby is sleeping. Because it works the lower half of the body and must be done with a lot of slow control, moms can easily do squats while wearing a baby carrier without disturbing the baby.
  2. Lunges- Similar to squats, lunges are a lower body workout that are great for mothers wearing baby wraps. Since lunges switch legs however, this exercise is best done when the baby is awake.
  3. Light arm weights- Three to eight pound weights are appropriate here because mothers will still be able to do curls while baby is strapped to them. If the weights are too heavy, it might disturb the baby, but a mother can get a lot of benefit from light weights and high reps.
  4. Triceps dips- All a mother needs for this exercise is a sturdy chair or couch. Balancing on her heels and putting her hands on the seat behind her, wrists facing, she simply has to use her triceps to dip up and down without sitting. This is a gentle but effective exercise that won’t disturb baby.
  5. Arm circles- No equipment is needed for this low impact but effective exercise. With arms extended, the mother must just make tiny circles with her arms one way and then the next after a set amount of reps. She will feel the burn quickly but the baby won’t feel anything at all except for maybe a gentle rocking.
  6. Resistance bands- Resistance bands are great for all kinds of workouts but one that particularly goes well with baby carriers are arm workouts. The mother should stand on the center of the resistance band with one end in each hand. Then she can either curl her arms upwards towards her shoulders for a curl or even extend her arms straight and lift them for a good shoulder workout. Alternating between sets of each will give a good total arm workout without disturbing the baby.

There are many easy ways that a new mother can workout while still taking care of her baby. With the ideas above, any mother will be able to get the body she wants after giving birth.

Bed bug control can keep your home clean

bed bug control

If you have never dealt with bed bugs, consider yourself lucky. Bed bugs are a nuisance and can cause discomfort, pain and disturbed sleep. Bed bugs are tiny bugs that feed on human blood. Bed bugs are called bed bugs because it is one of the most common places they can be found. The live in groups and can enter a home through numerous different ways like luggage if you just went on a trip, bed sheets and more. They will generally live in mattresses and box springs because when they live in beds, they can easily find a body to feed on. Because of this, bed bugs are usually active at night, so they can feed while people are in bed and sleeping. They can still be active in the day however.

Bed bugs can feed without being felt, however the next day, you may wake up with rashes and skin irritation. Some people are also allergic to bed bugs, making the discomfort level higher. Bed bugs have not been found to transmit disease, but the thought of bugs in one’s bed is both disgusting and unsettling. This is why bed bug control is so important. Bed bugs give people the image of an unclean space, even if that isn’t the case. Bed bugs do not necessarily mean your home is dirty, because bed bugs can be transported in so many different ways. Before they feed on blood, they have small, flat bodies that can fit nearly anywhere. They won’t become round and engorged until after feeding.

Bed bugs, in their early stages, are small–about the size of a spec of dust. They only become easy to see as they reach maturation, when they are about the size of an apple seed. Mature bed bugs can lay about five eggs a day and about a hundred in their lifetime. This is why bed bug populations can increase so rapidly. In fact, bed bugs may overwhelm your space before you even notice them. This is when bed bug exterminators can come in handy. Even though there are lots of old wive’s tales about how to get rid of bed bugs, chances are that if you try any of these, you won’t feel fully confident that you’ve done the job. Professionals are your best bet in this scenario because they’ve been specially trained and have the right equipment to rid you of your bed bug problem.

General pest control is an important and often overlooked aspect about keeping your home clean and in good condition. Many only think to hire professionals when an infestation has already begun, but it’s a good idea to look into a general screening of your home by professionals, especially if you live in a region or climate prone to insect infestations. Also, if you suspect there may be any issues, even if it is just a small cluster of bumps on your body when you wake up in the morning, it’s best to consider talking to a pest control specialist to ensure you can discover a bed bug problem before it has a chance to get out of control. You will sleep better at night knowing you are in a clean, pest free home.

How to convince your significant other to join a 24 hour gym with you

24 hour gym

Are your fitness goals and ideals no longer aligning with your significant other? Perhaps you made a New Year’s resolution or other type of commitment to get in shape this year and initially, your significant other was very supportive and interested in joining you, but suddenly, they are making excuse after excuse. This is common, especially as the thrill of the New Year wears off and January turns to February. In fact, statistics show that the majority of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February. While this statistic can be a bit disheartening, all is not lost! In fact, there a few ways you can motivate your significant other to recommit to your goals and join a 24 hour gym with you.

An important thing to remember as you talk to your significant other is that no one likes to be scolded or shamed. You must approach them with positivity and let them know that you have their best interests at heart. If you are accusatory when you talk to them, they will likely shut down and have an even more negative feeling about starting (or continuing) a fitness journey.

Here are a few tips for talking to your significant other about fitness.

  • If they are worried about price, let them know that there are lots of options for low-cost gyms that are still well-equipped. Franchises like Fitness 4 Less offer all the equipment you need for manageable prices.
  • If they are unsure about how they can fit fitness into their schedule, remind them that the 24 hour gym options available mean they can find a time in the day that works for them, even if it feels like a “weird” time for other people. Offer to go with them at a time of their choosing so you can feel out the new space together.
  • If they are at a loss for how to start a fitness program that works for them, tell them you will help them find a personal trainer who can help them achieve their fitness goals.
  • If they feel like it’s too late to start a program, make sure you let them know that you are in their corner and that you struggle with motivation too. If your partner feels like you look down on them, they may feel intimidated by you. Be honest with them about your own struggles as well, as it will keep you on even playing fields and keep the lines of communication open.
  • Be a cheerleader! When you feel like your partner is struggling, lift them up with positive motivation, affection and support. If you do this for your partner, they will likely pick up this behavior and do the same for you if they feel like you are struggling.

Overall, you will face challenges as you begin a fitness journey together, but being there for each other for support and to hold one another accountable will not only help you to achieve your fitness goals, but will ultimately improve your relationship as well.


Roofing issues can cause water hazards

A significant risk factor to your house (and to your family) can be avoided easily by making sure that your roof and gutters are maintained properly.  The risk of which I am speaking is having standing water along the base of your house’s walls.  Standing water, left for too long without being taken care of, can cause irreparable damage to the foundation of a building.  Not only that, but pools of water are the natural breeding grounds of innumerable bacteria and parasitic insects such as mosquitos.  In many areas of the United States, mosquitos are known to carry such debilitating – and even fatal –diseases as the West Nile virus, amongst others.  However, ensuring proper drainage and protecting your home and family are easy to do if you follow the proper steps.

The most common source of improper drainage woes is the fact that the gutters on houses are neither cleaned nor repaired properly by their owners.  As any professional roofer could tell you, gutters need to be cleaned at least annually and inspected regularly for leaks, stoppages, and damage.  At the very least, a gutter that remains clogged can cause significant damage to both the roof and walls of your house.  On top of causing a need for roof repair, those blocked gutters make it so that rain water does not flow correctly through the downspouts and off to where it is supposed to be drained.  This often leads to water collecting at the base of a house’s walls, where it sits and soaks into the ground.  Over time, that extra water will eat away at the cement or concrete in the walls of the foundation of the house.  The damage – or disaster – that the weakening of a house’s foundations can cause is incalculable.

roof repair













As I said above, the pooling water is also a breeding ground for disease and sickness.  Just like a swamp, standing water in our yards allows for microbes and bacteria to breed in the conditions that they favor.  Illnesses that can be fatal – like the above mentioned West Nile virus or amoebic dysentery – are caused by microscopic life that infests water that stands without flowing – just like the pools of water that sit at the base of a dysfunctional downspout.  Imagine if your dog were to drink from a pool full of bacteria like that – or even worse, your or a neighbor’s child.

The simplest remedy for having water pool up around your house is to make sure that all of the gutters and drains are clear and functioning.  It is a simple task for most roofers to check and adjust the alignment of your drains while they are doing work on your house, and a roofing contractor could be hired if you notice drain damage before you need to have any roofing done.  This isn’t to say that all drainage problems are roofing related – it is still possible that you need to have some of your property re-graded.   However, keeping track of how well your gutters are working is an excellent first step.