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A good friend of mine used to always be so health conscience and work out pretty much all of the time. They then got the idea that the best way to combine their passion and their career would be to open up a little neighborhood gym. All of us were totally for the idea and encouraged her the entire way. It took awhile for everything to kind of get started and going at a rate that did not require my friend to totally loose her mind every day with the amount of work and stress that was put upon her.
After awhile when things started to calm down just a tiny bit we started to notice that our friend who used to spend quite a bit of time every day working out at this point had lost a lot of muscle and gained a little bit of weight because she was working pretty much all day every day and never had a spare moment to spend some time in the gym which was the one thing that she really loved, the one reason why she had opened this gym up in the first place.
gym managementWe soon realized that she just had way too much on her plate so to say. She wasn’t exactly working with the most high tech of tools and machinery in the gym and we realized that this was probably one of the reasons that she was having to work so hard. A few of us ended up getting together to figure out a way to help her and what we eventually came up with was that we wanted to buy her ASF Payment Solutions health club and gym software system. This would take care of a lot of the work that was burying her and keeping her from being able to have even a small amount of personal time. ASF Payment Software automatically takes care of a lot of the more monotonous, day-to-day works that generally can trip up health club and gym owners and make them put way more hours of work into the company than they would otherwise have to.
It has only been maybe a month or so since we got her set up with ASF Payment Solutions software but already it seems to be making a big enough difference in how much time and effort she is having to put into the gym. We have even seen her at a few social functions recently which was something that would have never happened before. None of us are exactly sure how much time now she is able to spend working out in her own gym but it does also look like she is getting back towards the kind of shape that she used to be in so it seems that our plan to help her get back to her old self and have time for her old passions has at least started to work fairly well which is really all that we can hope to achieve.

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