An Overview Of Top Facial Cosmetic Surgeries

cosmetic surgeriesThere are a number of cosmetic surgeries that can be performed on the face, from permanent eyebrows and lashes, to botox injections that make it look full, soft and supple. This guide will outline just a few of the surgeries that are typically conducted in a plastic surgeon’s office on a day to day basis:

Facelifts – are common with age, as these tend to remove age-related marks on the face such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and more. Some surgeries can be completed within a very short timeframe, while others are more complex, targeting multiple areas in detail at a time.

Blepharoplasty – this form of plastic surgery gets rid of the lazy eye syndrome and other conditions that cause the eyes to look droopy. It provides an instant and permanent rejuvenation.

FAMI – is a relatively new procedure. It entails the use of the patient’s stem cells, which are transferred to areas that need a boost in collagen or fullness. The most common target area of FAMI is the facial area.

It’s always best to work with surgeons who can achieve a very natural look. Many patients are apprehensive about these cosmetic procedures because of the end results. Past examples oftentimes include surgeries that look artificial, however there are steps new patients can take to protect themselves. This includes checking the surgeon’s credentials, asking past patients about their experience, and looking at 3D computer simulated models of what to expect following surgery.

Both men and women are able to undergo cosmetic surgery. Usually the doctor will setup an initial consultation to go through what to expect before and after surgery, the risks, the recovery times, and the costs. Many cosmetic practices furthermore allow financing by partnering with varied lending institutions – making these surgeries more accessible than ever before in history.

The above guide has outlined mostly surgical cosmetics, but there are also options to rejuvenate the face, without the compromise of going under the knife. Some examples include:

Line Fillers – such as botox and juvederm are more common than they’ve ever been in the past. While many skeptics perceive plastic surgery as being fake, others side with them as being no greater than taking a trip to the dentist for cleaning or teeth whitening.

Thermage – is another alternative to Blepharoplasty, as it uses radio frequency to heat and conquer target areas. The difference though, is that it may take some time to see the results needed, but is nevertheless an option for those who fear going under the knife.
Facials – like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser surgery and others target wrinkles, age spots, acne spots and other facial imperfections. While most plastic surgeons focus on surgical methods, it’s not uncommon to have a dedicated area for these non-invasive methods to be performed.

Surgeons urge that the best preventative methods for delaying the aging process is to start treatment early, and also to take good care of oneself. The basics include dieting, exercise, drinking sufficient water each day, and avoiding alcohol and smoking.

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