Always cover furniture and mattresses while in storage.

While your things will absolutely be protected from the outer elements when you place them in a self storage unit, many people fail to remember that these self storage units not the same as the inside of a house. While some are temperature controlled, many are not, and there will be no frequent cleaning of the items inside of the unit. Indeed, they may sit in the unit for some time relatively untouched, meaning that these things are likely to gather dust and other residues. This is not a fault of the self storage unit rental facility, no is it a fault of yours as the owner. It is simply something to be aware of and planned for in order to avoid the problems that might follow should the issue fail to be addressed. But how can you address the issue, short of sending in a cleaning crew each month to tidy everything up? The answer is simple: be sure to keep all fabric packed away or covered up.

Each of these scenarios offers a viable option for one looking to pack a self storage unit with items that are made from fabric. Some examples include mattresses, sofas, clothing, drapes, and other items. Many of these items tend to be packed up in boxes already. For example, most people pack their clothing in boxes and place these boxes in self storage, thereby eliminating the need for extra protection as these items will already be covered up. Other items, however, are not so lucky. Your couch, for example, will be left entirely in the open. You mattress too will start to soak up the stench of dust and indeed could end up causing you serious allergy problems in the long run. What will you do, then? You will cover up these items with sheets, furniture covers, and other items. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • Moisture can get into your self storage unit and cause damage. While your items in boxes are mostly safe and secure, your furniture and mattresses will be left to the whims of the elements unless you take precautions and cover them up with furniture covers.
  • Dirt travels with you. As you pack up your self storage unit, you will probably set boxes on top of your furniture or on top of your mattress. These actions may seem insignificant at first, but the reality is that these actions could cause serious long term damage to the furniture as the boxes track in dirt unnoticed that then sits on your furniture until your decide to unpack it. You could additionally end up with tears and rips in the fabric as a consequence of moving. Don’t allow this to happen! Take precautions.

There are a lot of things that can go unnoticed while sitting in storageDon’t allow dirt, moisture, and dust to get the best of your furniture while your watchful eye is not upon it. Cover your furniture and your mattresses with furniture covers to keep everything in good condition.

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