Accessories for your dab rig

You have been using your vapor rig for quite some time and you know it was a great investment.  You have noticed that some of your buddies have some great accessories that make the experience better in a variety of ways.  There are many options to choose from and you are not sure which ones to invest in because they are all good in their own way.


If you have issues cleaning your dab rig because you are hesitant to shake it with alcohol and salt then you need a silicone cleaning cap.  This small piece prevents spilling and covers both ends of the rig.  Therefore, it will not be dropped and broken.

When it comes to the more thorough cleaning that should be done when you are done using the rig, you should use 420 cleaner.  It is the best thing to use when it comes to dealing with reclaim.


Another good idea in vapor rig accessories is an extra dabber.  This is because it never hurts to have an extra dabber, especially if you have already lost one or two.  Without a dabber, you could end up burning your fingers and that is an instant buzz kill.

You could also invest in a banger.  They come made of the same materials as your rig and consists of a joint that is connected to a small tube that leads to a cup-shaped attachment. The banger is attached to the rig near the cup that is then heated to an optimal temperature. Put the concentrate in the cup and inhale the vapor through the tube that connects the cup to the joint. Bangers are built for optimal airflow and can provide for a tastier dab.  Time and practice will allow you to become more astute at using a banger which may seem awkward, at first.


For both your every day dabber, as well as for any extras you may have, it pays to purchase a cover to put on it.  Buying a cover to put on the end of your dab rig prevents it from becoming disgusting as dabs tend to attract hair, dirt, dust, and anything else that was in your pocket with it.  No one wants to smoke lint.


If you are worried that your vapor rig may suffer or be broken due to mishandling, then you may want an oil-slick pad.  This pad not only protects your rig, it also gives you a place to put your product while you enjoy and partake.


Whether you buy one of these things or all of these things, you are going to need a way to keep it all together.  A great way to do that is through the use of a dab station.  Many come with an attached anti-lock dome that has a separate joint.  This makes it so that it does not get stuck as it is reattached.  It also has a place for jars and a separate nail storage area so that it does not need to be left in the rig.



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