Autologous treatments offer new stem cell and bone marrow treatment avenues

At the heart of the stem cell controversy lies the question of where stem cells are harvested from and how they are used from that point on. Many people who fight against stem cell research and the use of stem cells for treatment options are simply unaware of the many benefits of using stem cells to make great strides in healthcare options and choices for medicine for patients everywhere. Grasping a clearer understanding of what stems cells are really used for and where they come from will lead to not only better treatment options, but also less stress and frustration on all sides about the great debates over stem cell research.

First, what are stem cells and what kinds of stem cells are there? Stem cells are an amazing type of cell that can differentiate into other kinds of cells and divide infinitely, producing more stem cells to do the same thing. Embryonic stem cells, or stem cells in their truest form, are able to differentiate into truly any kind of cell. They do this as part of the construction process in creating a new mammal. They also have unlimited potential to reproduce, which means that they will continue to produce more and more stem cells to continue doing the same thing; differentiating into new cells! Adult stem cells are a bit more limited in their potential than embryonic stem cells. These stem cells are located in the tissue of mammals and serve as the repair team, differentiating into different kinds of cells within a specific realm. Adult stem cells and progenitor cells are important to replacing cells that no longer function properly or need repairing. cells can be found in a few different places in the body and are harvested or removed from a few different places as well. The three most common ways to retrieve stem cells from the human body are through bone marrow, adipose tissue, and through blood itself. Bone marrow extraction occurs through drilling into the bone, usually the femur or iliac crest. Adipose tissue, or lipid cells, can be removed through the liposuction process. Extraction of stem cells through blood occurs through apheresis, where blood is drawn and then put through a machine that extracts the stem cells. The other unused parts of the blood are returned to the donor. Through the autologous bone marrow or other extraction process, stem cells are taken from and utilized in one person. This is perhaps the best way to work with stem cells, as it poses the least risk. By using stem cells from you own body, you increase the chances that the stem cells will be accepted and everything will go smoothly. Adult stem cells can now even been grown artificially and differentiated into specialized cells as needed. Similar work is being done with autologous embryonic stem cells, although this type of therapy still has a long way to go before it can be used.

Gaining a clearer understanding of stem cells and their importance in regenerative treatments will help people make educated decisions about their treatment options in the future.

Are You Having Trouble With The Battery in Your Phone? Here’s Where You Can Find Help

phone repairDoes your battery no longer stay charged in your iPhone or iPad, or will it not charge at all? Batteries that won’t charge or don’t hold a charge long can be caused by a number of different issues.  The best thing to do would be to take it to a phone repair service that offers free problem diagnosis and inspections.  These inspections either rule out or solidify a specific cause of the problem.  If it is a simple as needing a new battery they can supply you with one, or even change it for you, for a low fee.

When your phone won’t charge it could just mean that the battery has lost its life, or it could mean something more.  Perhaps the charging connection to your phone is damaged or dirty, or the charging cord itself has been damaged.  A quick inspection can determine which of those parts could be the problem.  If you’re checking some of these connections at home, a pencil eraser can clean out some of the wire ends.  A dry toothbrush is great for cleaning out the USB port of any dust and dirt.  If all of the connections are clean and the battery is new, sometimes if you first power down your phone and then charge it, the battery will hold power much more efficiently.

If inspections and home remedies don’t do the trick with your battery and phone that won’t charge, it’s probably time to have a more detailed diagnosis done.  Phone, tablet, and mp3 service shops really provide a lot these days.  They can repair pretty much any damages that haven’t completely killed your phone, and they can replace parts that have seen too much wear and tear.  They have the right expertise and the right tools to fix your battery issues or any other severe issues like water damage, cracked screens, or loose connections.

When you drop off your phone to have it worked on, you can spend an hour or two shopping around in the store or in neighboring stores to pass the time and before you know it your phone will be ready.  Inside the service repair shops you can find the accessories that you have been searching for, like smart buds, phone and tablet cases, head phones, universal chargers, detachable keyboards, external speakers and scratch protective cases.  Once you have found what you needed you can leave it with the technician until you return to pick up your phone and you can go grab a bite to eat while you’re waiting.

Phone problems are minimal compared to the rest of the problems we face in life, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as inconvenient at times.  If you need to address a battery that won’t charge or a loose connection in your device, it’s best to find a place that will diagnosis and problem solve quickly so that you can get back to life.  Phones are our connections to the rest of the world, and commonly our links to family and work as well.

Oregon has many beautiful ranches for sale.

For some reason, I feel like there are a couple of states with which I have a very strong connection: California and Oregon.  I have lived in Colorado for my entire life, but for some reason each of those states has presented a compelling case for me to have an intimate connection.  The thing about these states is that they have strong histories and many similarities with Colorado. Although California has some connections, I do feel like Oregon has the strongest ties with Colorado.

oregon ranches for saleI grew up in a town called Fort Collins, which is a college town, but also has a huge farming and ranching community that surrounds the city.  In much the same way, Corvallis, Oregon is a sister city.  Each of the cities have a number of connections to each other and that goes beyond the natural connections because they both have colleges and rural areas around the cities. After rereading each of those past sentences, I guess that I am not making a lot of sense and that is something that I will try to be more clear about.  The reason why I think that each of the communities have a number of connections is because of the college and rural similarities.  Nevertheless, the number of ranches and farms and how they act like a spine for the cities I find to be pretty interesting.  There is a very good chance that this will be changing soon.  In my experience in visiting each town, it seems that many of the ranches are for sale.  In Oregon, the reason has more to do with the type of ranching and farming that is starting to become popular.  When I think about the ranches in Oregon, many of them are starting to move toward a more organic approach and some of the old time farmers and ranchers in the community are trying to capitalize on that market by selling their ranches.  Putting up your ranch for sale in Oregon is a pretty easy process.  The reason for this is that like many of the rural communities, there is a lot of money in the banks that would be put up for starting businesses and insuring the farms and ranches.

I think that is actually the biggest issue around farming and ranching right now.  First and foremost, it is excellent that many of the families and ranches are starting to move toward a more organic approach, but the limitations caused by the ongoing climate change and water challenges means that it will be more and more difficult for families to enter the farming practices.  I guess that is also a factor in the reality that many of the families that have been using traditional methods for ages are going to be putting up their ranches for sale in Oregon and trying to find a new generation of farmers.  It is not the craziest thing to imagine and I could see it happening sooner rather than later. The entire industry will soon change.

ASF Payment Solutions making lives easier

A good friend of mine used to always be so health conscience and work out pretty much all of the time. They then got the idea that the best way to combine their passion and their career would be to open up a little neighborhood gym. All of us were totally for the idea and encouraged her the entire way. It took awhile for everything to kind of get started and going at a rate that did not require my friend to totally loose her mind every day with the amount of work and stress that was put upon her.
After awhile when things started to calm down just a tiny bit we started to notice that our friend who used to spend quite a bit of time every day working out at this point had lost a lot of muscle and gained a little bit of weight because she was working pretty much all day every day and never had a spare moment to spend some time in the gym which was the one thing that she really loved, the one reason why she had opened this gym up in the first place.
gym managementWe soon realized that she just had way too much on her plate so to say. She wasn’t exactly working with the most high tech of tools and machinery in the gym and we realized that this was probably one of the reasons that she was having to work so hard. A few of us ended up getting together to figure out a way to help her and what we eventually came up with was that we wanted to buy her ASF Payment Solutions health club and gym software system. This would take care of a lot of the work that was burying her and keeping her from being able to have even a small amount of personal time. ASF Payment Software automatically takes care of a lot of the more monotonous, day-to-day works that generally can trip up health club and gym owners and make them put way more hours of work into the company than they would otherwise have to.
It has only been maybe a month or so since we got her set up with ASF Payment Solutions software but already it seems to be making a big enough difference in how much time and effort she is having to put into the gym. We have even seen her at a few social functions recently which was something that would have never happened before. None of us are exactly sure how much time now she is able to spend working out in her own gym but it does also look like she is getting back towards the kind of shape that she used to be in so it seems that our plan to help her get back to her old self and have time for her old passions has at least started to work fairly well which is really all that we can hope to achieve.

A huge selection of window treatments

blinds for homes

Are you looking for a large selection of unique and stylish window treatments? Maybe you just moved into a home and you are thinking of replacing the plastic mini-blinds with something more substantial or maybe you are looking to use your tax return money to make an upgrade to your old house, either way a new set of window treatments can dramatically effect the way the interior of your house looks and feels. However sometimes it can be daunting to make such a selection on your own, especially if you are a new home owner and even newer still to interior designing. That is why Lanera Decorating will provide all of their clients with a professional allied interior decorator who can help you get the very most out of your project. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to spruce up a single room or if your project happens to be your entire house, Lanera Decorating will give you stunningly beautiful results for a cost that is very reasonable. You have ideas, they have the skills, knowledge and products available to make your dreams a reality.

Your visit to Lanera Decorating starts by entering the showroom with your samples. Let’s take a minute here to discuss the importance of bringing samples into the showroom and other things such as pictures, layouts, blue prints, cabinet fronts, tiles and more. The more comprehensive your approach is towards bringing in relative samples, the better match you will get on your window treatments and on other things such as shutters, blinds and drapes.

Because Lanera Decorating wants you to succeed they provide you with complimentary help from trained interior design professionals. These professionals are there, eager and willing to help you coordinate colors and bring your ideas to life. Choosing residential window treatments shouldn’t be a thing of dread, instead, Lanera Decorating wants to make it the highlight of your day and also the highlight of your house. From drapes to shutters, blinds to curtains, Lanera Decorating has a vast selection for your and yours to browse. Be sure to set aside plenty of time and patience when you search for any prominent and semi-permanent design element to your home. What may look stunning in a showroom might look less so in your house. This is often a compounded factor that is made worse by bad lighting or bad installation Luckily, Lanera Decorating offers free, professional installation by their in home consultation! Now, when you purchase any of their amazing products you can have the piece of mind knowing that it will be put in by a pro and it will fit like a glove.

Residential shutters have become a hot item towards the end of 2013 and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. It is comforting, classy and timeless to have wide-slat shutters in your house and they can be painted any color to match the surrounding trim pieces. Often times people will refer to these as “plantation shutters” because they are similar to ones used on plantations.

Future Health is a fitness center that empowers you with education.

I attribute what I know about health to my friend and previous room mate Kimberly who told me all she knows about health, fitness and nutrition. She is one of those people who just has always been active and had no problem being in their body whatsoever. She is totally ripped and eats extremely well. I certainly did not understand how she could keep herself so committed like she did, but she was always exercising and eating well, even turning down glasses of wine because she knew that too much alcohol was not good for fitness centersyour body. In many ways, Kim because my teacher when it came to taking care of my body. I was never good at going to exercise classes or to the gym, but watching Kim in our own house taking care of herself gave me the tools to help me take care of me. It struck me that education is such an important part of wellness and not every fitness center is going to offer their customers cutting edge technologies that can help keep them healthy. When you have more of a framework for health and wellness, it becomes much easier to take care of your body. I am thankful that my friend Kim gave me that framework and modeled for me what to do to take care of yourself.

There was this health club in California that she was considering working for at one point in time, not only because there were a ton of famous people that would go there, but because they were a company that she really respected because they offered not just personal fitness but also nutrition, education and empowerment. They listened to each individual customer and modeled a program that would fit their needs and their body as best they could. Having information about your health is extremely important and there aren’t a whole lot of businesses out there that value that. One that does however is Future Health of downtown Los Angeles. They are a company that sees the future of health being education and empowerment as well as fitness and nutrition. When people can see the whole picture become empowered to take their health into their own hands, then really magical things can start happening with your body and especially your happiness. This is something that I definitely experienced when I was finally taking the journey to wellness when it came to my body and my food.

There are many different gyms out there that you can choose from but I have learned that the most important and powerful way to take care of yourself is to do so holistically. Companies like Future Health understand that we need to take a holistic approach to our health starting with education. My friend Kim also understand this and that is why I am confident in saying that I love my body, feel healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. It is amazing the difference you feel every day when you can walk tall and proud in the knowledge you have about your body.

Take Advantage of HealthMaps Disease Surveillance Map

flu awareness

With the advent of so many technologies in the world, it is a wonder that we have progressed this far.  Just to think, a few decades ago, we wouldn’t even be able to think about the technologies we have today, and there has been considerable progression over the years.  Medical science has definitely progressed as well, as many of the world’s health scientists have discovered and developed numerous vaccines and cures for many of the diseases and illnesses in the world.  Not only have the world’s doctors and researchers gathered enough research and data over the years, but they have also been able to create large unified networks of communication to report all of their findings.  If it wasn’t for these kinds of advancements, we wouldn’t have a great deal of our medical findings and immunizations, so we should all be thankful for where we’ve come from in terms of these medical gains.  If anything, there have been more developments on top of these existing ones, and that is where HealthMap’s disease surveillance map comes into play.


When you first go to the website of HealthMap, you’ll soon see a whole global spectrum of what kinds of diseases and illnesses are happening in the world.  While this might not be the most positive news in the world, it certainly helps us understand how we as humans carry and transmit multiple kinds of illnesses, which can help not only families and local communities, but it can also make a huge difference for those in the medical profession, as mapping out these kinds of patterns and transmissions can be extremely valuable for research purposes.


The virus surveillance map that is provided by HealthMap is a great way to track what kind of outbreaks are happening near you, or even across the globe.  While it might seem almost impossible to track all of these different kinds of viruses and illnesses, the excellent programming and sourcing from HealthMap makes the process seem almost too simple!  You see, they make it a point to source each and every account of all of the diseases in their database, so they can keep track of all of the disease awareness in the world.  With all of their information from various and confirmed medical sources, they are able to compile results automatically and efficiently.  Out of all of this data they compile from global results, the people at HealthMap are proud to state that they have a 90% accuracy rate when it comes to their global virus map.
Once you are able to accurately read and specify what kinds of local diseases and illnesses are nearby in your community, you’ll have a much better time preparing for whatever comes your way.  With HealthMap’s integrated technology and accurate sourcing, you’ll have no problems at all when it comes to matters of health!  Just to think of it, there have been so many advances when it comes to the health industry, and the people at HealthMap are simply making it all easier to see.

An exclusive interview with a sex toy party consultant

Today, our post is about something a bit out of the ordinary.  Last week we talked a little bit about fun ideas for a bachelorette and began to scratch the surface of the adult novelty gift industry. Well, this week we are bringing you more information on adult novelty gifts and even had the chance to conduct an interview with a women who works as a traveling consultant for an adult novelty gift company, hosting sex toy parties for people around the country.  She had some interesting insight on sex toy parties.  If anyone is interested in learning more about a sex toy party and what it involves, read on!

We first asked her what type of people tend to host sex toy parties.  We were surprised to hear that she has been to sex toy parties with nearly every type of person imaginable.  The previous week, she hosted a party for a group of suburban housewives, who get together for a weekly meeting of some sort while their husband are at work.  These women were excited to learn more and she actually made many sales during this party.  She also does a lot of bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and even has some older clients.

“There is no standard client for a sex toy party,” she explained.  She herself was surprised at this and said when she started, she expected to see more patterns in the clientele. “When I first started, I was surprised at the number of typical every-day people who were interested in hosting sex toy parties.  It’s great to see everyone from housewives to college students interested in learning more about their sexuality.”

We next asked her about her most common sales.  She said that she does sell a lot of straight up sex toys (vibrators, etc.), but she also sells a lot of other things including games and lotions.

“We have a great line of sensual massage oils.  These are a best seller!  They are great for someone interested in spicing up their love life, but not quite ready to take the plunge into the world of sex toys. I seek massage oils at everyone of my parties.”

We then asked if she had anything to say to our readers who would stray away from the idea of a sex party.

“I get asked about this a lot in my line of work,” she began, “many people are intimidated by the idea of a sex toy party and feel that it’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable.  That is not the case!  I work hard to create an environment where people feel comfortable and present things in a professional manner.  I also try to anticipate the common questions people have and answer them before they’re asked, thereby decreasing the need for people to ask potentially embarrassing questions.”

So there you have it, sex toy parties are fun, professional, and held in the safety and security of your own home.  Consider hosting one for you and your girlfriends and learn what all the hype is about!

A good pharmacovigilance app is important

pharmacovigilance app

There is a new smart phone app on the market that I believe everyone should download. It’s called med watcher and the purpose of this app is to track and report drug side effects for pharmaceutical medications, vaccines and medical devices. I feel strongly about this app because I had a near death experience due to fatal side effects of the drug I was taking a few years ago. If only I had med watch back then I could have been notified of this side effect and avoided a costly and nearly fatal trip to the hospital. You can download it from the app store as we speak but first I want to tell you a little bit about pharmacovigilance how it all works.

Perhaps you have heard of apps for drug tracking or maybe you have not. Either way, there’s no better such app on the market than Med Watcher. If you’re looking for credentials, how about the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard medical school? Both of these entities have collaborated to make this amazing app with the help of physicians and university professionals. To legitimize the app even further, the findings of user comments and reporting are given directly to the FDA and intern to the pharmaceutical companies themselves. It’s actually quite exciting to be part of this chain of command because a minor problem you’re experiencing today could be resolved and corrected for people who wish to use that same drug tomorrow. Medication side effects need to be logged diligently if they are to be corrected or labeled properly. Often times these side effects are inherent in the drug and patients have to decide whether or not the risk factor of taking that drug is worth it. By having a side effects app on your phone you cannot only report certain side effects of happened to you but you’ll be able to sign up for email and text notifications in case anything regarding your app, vaccine, medications or medical equipment should come up. It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch and keep yourself healthy.
If you are wondering what happens to your personal information on this app you need not worry. Made watcher guarantees that your personal information will be kept private when is submitted to the FDA. It is still illegal to violate HIPPA laws regardless if the information is beneficial to the FDA or not. When you submit a query or a comment all of your personal information will be stripped from the post and only the vital information sent along.
Although years and years as well as billions of dollars often going to researching prescription medicine it is impossible to know all of the unintended side effects of these medications. By giving a detailed explanation of your specific side effects you can greatly help the local community by use of this medication tracking app. Medication side effects tracking may very well be the way of the future in reporting and helping to develop new medications. Be part of the future and help your fellow man by downloading the med watcher app today!
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Obviously, There are Many Different Reasons Why People have Cosmetic Surgery.

cosmetic surgeryAppearances are a extremely important, in our society, which is not always a good thing.  That being said, as long as it is handled in a reasonable, healthy, and intelligent way, putting forth some effort to maintain a certain appearance can be beneficial.  One of the biggest things about their appearance that people try to change is all of the signs of aging. That is why so many cosmetic procedures deal with eliminating various different features that make a person look older.  Of course, there are many reasons why people have cosmetic surgery, and there are countless different kinds of operations to correspond with all these reasons.

As mentioned above, a lot of the people who decide to undergo cosmetic surgery do it in an attempt to reverse some physical aging symptoms.  Provided you are healthy enough for such an operation, there are some cosmetic procedures that can have some pretty drastic effects, in terms of reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging.  Some procedures focus on the skin, as a whole, while others focus on certain key features.  One procedure that has amazing results, in terms of creating a youthful appearance, is blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure concerned with eliminating extra skin on and around the eyelids.  Blepharoplasty is popular, effective, and minimally invasive, as it only involved cutting away a small bit of skin around the eyes.

Blepharoplasty is good if you are trying to make your eyes appear more youthful, but if you have other issues you would like to correct, it may not be the best option.  A facelift is another extremely common cosmetic procedure that is intended to make patients appear more youthful.  Facelifts are so effective because they actually involve physically stretching the skin, until the wrinkles are no longer there.  As with anything else, when it is stretched, the wrinkles get eliminated.  The other facial wrinkle reduction operation is Botox injections.  Botox injections are, obviously, even less invasive, but they have a serious drawback.  Botox injections have only temporary effects, whereas facelifts have very long-lasting effects, usually at least several years, if not permanently.

Not all of the major cosmetic procedures have to do with the skin, alone, though.  One of the most prevalent and effective cosmetic operations actually has to do with eliminating fat deposits.  Of course, I am referring to liposuction, an extraordinarily popular procedure that involves using a suction device to remove fat from underneath a patient’s skin, anywhere on the body, where fat is present.  Liposuction is very safe, and it can be done more than once, during a patient’s lifetime, if need be.  Obviously, liposuction cannot prevent a patient from ever forming fat deposits again, in the future, but it can certainly be used to eliminate the fat that is already present.  To be clear, though, liposuction is not a cure for being overweight.  It is only intended to remove small deposits of fat that are unwanted because of cosmetic reasons.  If that is your intent for getting the surgery, though, you will be very happy with the results.